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CompanyLocationFunding (USD) Funding DateFunding TypeMarket
Tel Aviv, Israel
$40M October 2020Series CB2B
Melbourne, Australia
$10.7MOctober 2020Series ASocial Media
Greater New York Area
$40M October 2020Series CB2B
Bangalore, India
$40M October 2020Series CB2B
Copenhagen, Denmark
$40M October 2020Series CB2B
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
$40M October 2020Series CB2B

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many startups are in each weekly report?

On average, we track 150 tech startups that raise outside funding each week. Most funding rounds range from $500K to $5M. Upon sign up, you'll be forwarded last week's report that features 150 startups that raised outside funding last week. and includes:

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Where are the startups located?

Approx. 60% are based in the U.S, 25% in Europe, 10% in Asia Pacific and the rest are spread out across South America and Africa.

What is included in each report?

We include all the data you'll need to connect with each company in minutes. This includes the company's name and URL, the market they are in (for example, Cloud Computing or Human Resources), a verified email address (hi@ or sales@), the company's social media profiles (Twitter and Linkedin), the funding amount, along with details on the CEO - including their name, verified email address and social media accounts (Twitter and Linkedin).

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